Chef’s Corner

In the Chef’s corner, we’d like to feature a local chef and/or restaurant each month as well as share some recipes from various sources for you to try at home for yourself. This way you can experience some of the excitement and versatility of trout for yourself.

Trout have been mythicized and immortalized by innumerable writers, outdoor sports editors and most fly-fishing storytellers. There are those who believe the only way to enjoy the gastronomical pleasures of trout is to putll one fresh from a mountain stream, clean it immediately and cook it in a hot skillet over an open fire.

Another image one may hold is one of elegance…a table beautifully dressed, an impeccable waiter serving a magnificent “gourmet” dish such as Trout Amandine, Trout Grand Marnier or Trout Provencale.

The broad range of these two scenes…from mountain stream to gourmet restaurant…illustrates the uniqueness of trout, its versatility and its adaptability.

Trout has a special, delicate flavor which is delicious in itself, or it can be enhanced by the addition of various breadings, batters, stuffings and sauces.

There is no other fish quite like trout. It requires no special handling and there are no great mysteries to its successful preparation. In fact, as you’ll find in many of the recipes we share with you, most dishes are quite easy to prepare and generally call for basic ingredients. And the short cooking time trout requires helps conserve energy and accommodates busy schedules.

So, for a quick, nutritous dinner; a special evening with the family or friends; or a new hors d’oeuvre to perk up your next party, think trout!