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Rainbow Trout T-1738Northern tier states offer an exceptional resource for aquaculture — cold water. Though decreased temperatures retard growth rates and increase costs, they also produce superior fish, which possess better color, firmer flesh, cleaner flavor and better keeping quality. These are quantifiable benefits. Many of our customers insist that our fish, after a week in their cooler, exceed the quality of western farm raised trout the day of delivery from local distributors.

Additionally, fish raised on smaller, local, family farms are of higher quality than those from the gigantic operations that provide most commercial trout, as “chickens that scratch” are better than chickens raised in cubicles. Freshness alone is not at issue; jamming livestock through production schedules in highly intensive concentrations does reduce costs, and prices to users. But quality is reduced through cheaper feeds and dependence on antibiotics and other chemical medications necessitated by the high densities. Heaven forbid the use of growth or reproductive hormones!

Our trout are raised on pure feed without additives or medication, in pristine, 100% spring water that exceeds state standards for drinking water; needless to say, mercury, PCBs, and other water pollutants effecting wild-caught fish don’t apply to farm-raised fish at all. Excellent fish health is assured by low stocking densities and by the cold water — 10° F cooler than Southern Idaho. These considerations are certainly of value to your customers.

???????????????A high quality, natural Vitamin A/antioxidant product, astaxanthan, is added to the feed, both as a dietary supplement and colorant. New federal law requires retail establishments to label our fish accordingly.

In this era of regional and “nouvelle” cuisines, freshness and locality of ingredients are alone enough to add value to products. The key to the success of products lies in the hands of the informed and communicative wait-staff, and an educated consumer.

Our smoked trout and salmon are custom processed on the farm using only the freshest fish with no additives, preservatives or colorants. Trout are smoked the same day they are caught. TROUT ARE NOT CAUGHT UNTIL THEY ARE ORDERED! All processes are inspected, licensed, and certified by state and federal agencies.


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